In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand by some patients to remove the breast implants that were placed years ago. They are patients who underwent breast augmentation with implant, more than 15 years ago in most cases. The passage of time, associated with hormonal changes and variations in weight, means that they are no longer comfortable with the shape and size of the breast.

What do we offer to patients?

  1. The removal of prosthesis, without obtaining a very satisfactory result, since the skin is expanded over the years and although something is retracted, in most cases will be an empty chest and fallen.

  2. The removal of prosthesis attached to a mastopexy or elevation of the chest, obtaining better results, but adding scars to the procedure, either around the areola or in the form of inverted T.
  3. The removal of prosthesis associated with filling with own fat (lipofilling). In this way, scars are avoided and a good result is obtained, since volume is provided and the chest is not empty.

In addition, liposuction has to be done in some regions to obtain the donor fat, so two treatments are carried out at the same time, which increases the satisfaction of the patients